New qualification

Become a SOMA Therapist  

Body-centeret Psychotherapist / Body Therapist  

Learn how to help people experiencing chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Support people who are searching for wellbeing and a more balanced life, and who may be wrestling with significant decisions that need to be made. 

This exciting qualication offer you the training to become a professional therapist, personal and professional development, as well as support you in your work with people in your everyday life. 


We believe that the best therapist also focus on their own development and therefore your training is underpinned with individual coaching and personal SOMA therapy sessions. 

This qualification is offered on both Danish and English and can be adapted for different groups and organisations. 

The main leacturer is Dr. Arno Steen Andreasen together with a number of guest teachers. Ida Eley will be your personal coach. 

The qualification

You will learn to notice the body's signals and help your clients through manual therapy, counselling, sensing, and breathing techniques. 

You will learn about areas like pulsating massage (a special Danish method), logotherapy/psychotherapy, the enneagram, your shadow, interview techniques and Socratic dialogue, sensing/the wisdom of the body, emotional anatomy, life and stagnation, the oppression of the body, archetypes, shame, the nervous system, and anatomy trains.  

It is an apprentice-style qualification with a good theoretical foundation. It can lead to RAB registration (Registered Alternative Therapist)    

You can apply for a gross salary agreeement with a Danish employer, which can almost half your fee depending on the tax rate you pay. 

You can start charging for your therapy sessions during your training. 

You will learn to work with people who experience chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, PTSD as well as clients looking for wellbeing and a more balanced life. Some may also be wrestling with radical decisions in life. 

The training consists of 30 evenings in a classroom and 30 evenings on zoom. You will also be organising practice sessions and have individual coaching and SOMA therapy/supervision. 

SOMA will contact local groups and invite them to come and be treated, so you get a more varied experience and develop your network. 

You will get handouts throughout your training to help you remember your learning. 

Your book list contains four books and we will also tell you about interesting lectures, articles and books for those who want to go deeper. 

You can look forward to an exciting personal journey while you at the same time work towards a qualification as a professional therapist.  

Personal treatment and supervision

You will receive four SOMA therapy/supervisions to experience how it is to work with specific needs and interests.  

Individual coaching and development

All participants will have four coaching sessions to help you identify needs and interests, unique talents and motivation, as well as support your learning journey. 

1 evening in class and 1 on zoom over 30 weeks.  

We teach 30 Tuesdays around the massage table and 30 Thursdays on zoom from 5pm to 8.30pm.

To get the necassary experience, you will also organise training sessions. During the year you will meet guest lecturers from different fields and areas of expertise. 

The first teaching night is Tuesday 24 August 2021 and the last is Thursday 16 June 2022. We are negotiating about a place in either Roskilde or Copenhagen. 


The qualification costs kr. 45,000.00 and covers all teaching, individual coaching and SOMA therapy sessions. 

Info evening

We invite you to take part in a free information evening where you can learn about the qualification, see a treatment and get your questions answered. 

Save money using the gross salary agreement

You can ask your Danish employer if they are happy to agree to an agreement, which is called bruttolønsordning in Danish. 

They can reduce your fee with almost 50% depending on your tax rate. The agreement does not cost your employer anything. 

About me

I have worked internationally for many years as a Director of an NGO. One of our projects was organising an international leadership qualification at Bachlor and Master's level. I was responsible for this programme and a lecturer for 15 years. 

I have worked among the poorest of the poor, people who have lived under civil war as well as busy and well-educated people from different nations. This has given me a unique perspective on the challenges we may face in life. 

I use this experience when I treat treat people and in the calssroom too. This qualification brings together some of the most important lessons I have learnt through three decades. 

I am a doctorate (D.Min) in Viktor Frankl's logotherapy/psychotherapy, is a qualified body therapist, nutritional therapist and breathing therapist. I have trained as a certified strengths coach and has qualifications in Life Coaching and Stress Management Training. 

Dr. Arno Steen Andreasen